Running Update


October 24, 2012 by Danielle

Good afternoon!

I thought I’d pop in and give you a quick running update-since this blog is supposed to have a fitness element of sorts 😉

But first, I’ve neglected mentioning something very big in the Bay Area right now-LET’S GO GIANTS!

It’s not often that I’m glued to the screen watching baseball, but after coming from behind to win the National League Series in cinematic fashion, I’m totally hooked on the Giants. What makes them more endearing is that they’re a team of weirdos (please see below). Today is Game One of the World Series, so let’s go orange and black!!

Even though he’s not pitching this season, Brian Wilson takes the cake for #1 Giants eccentric(source)

Moving on (and away from the GIFs, sorry if they’re making you dizzy).

After two months away from running, I got permission to do this on Friday-

It was only two miles at a nine-ish minute pace, but darn it feels good to be back…on the treadmill…for 19 minutes because my knee started to act up and I finished things out on the Cybex. Oh well. Small steps!

After two months of no running and endless hours of targeted exercises, it seems that I’ve begun to strengthen and engage those pesky glutes, which it turns out, are quite important to running. Lazy glutes are usually the cause of many knee and hip running related ailments especially in women, whose quads tend to take over most of the work for lazy butts (literally). So you won’t end up in the same sidelined position that I’ve been in for the past few months, here are a few tips from Running Times (I recommend that you read the entire article!) on why glutes are important for good running forms and a few exercises to get those glutes firing.

First things first, do you have weak glutes?

Take this test-

Take the test-did you pass or fail? (source)

If you failed the test-don’t worry there’s a fix! The two exercises below will help get glutes firing (I’ve been doing them non-stop)-check out the full article to get two additional helpful heinie exercises.

Now go get your butt in gear!


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