First Real Run Back & An Interval Workout

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October 30, 2012 by Danielle

Good afternoon!

First off, my thoughts are with you East Coast friends! Stay safe!

Second order of business-Our work email and internet are barely functional (it went down about three times during the process of writing this post), so I thought it would be an opportune time to fit in a quick blog post.

My physical therapist has given me the green (okay, yellow) light to run as long as I promise to focus on my form. Since she’s still in the process of beating ingraining good running form into me, so she suggested doing intervals so that I can, in her words, “Engage your butt! Engage your core! ENGAGE! ENGAGE!” Those phrases haunt my dreams.

First real run post injury! (Sorry for the horrible quality…)

Anyway, I’ve learned that when I run longer distances, my form tends to suffer (collapsed core, tucked pelvis, the list could go on and on), so intervals have been a great way to build speed and distance while keeping my new found (correct) running form in check.

Here’s an interval workout I made up last week for my first real run back and each week I’m going to try to increase my speed and beat my previous time-it’s all about mind games.

Happy Wednesday!


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