Bob’s BAAAACK! A Review

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November 2, 2012 by Danielle

You might remember when I got a Bob Harper 4 disc DVD set, tried one of the workouts and promptly had my you know what kicked.

Well I came back for more! I tried out the first thirty minute workout from the Total Trainer Plus DVD and I’m here to tell you all about it!** First off-an overall rating-

I have now started rating these DVDs based on grimace level-that’s a half smile right?

As you can see, it gets a half smile, half grimace rating. Hey, it’s an improvement over the face rating after this workout.

As I mentioned, the Total Trainer Plus DVD is divided into two workouts-an upper and lower body workout, each thirty minutes in length. I use “upper” and “lower” loosely because Bob promises to get your entire body and delivers.

The circuits consist of kettlebell swings, jump lunges, alternating lunges, lots of planks and oh so much more. The workout only required kettlebells (if you have ’em), dumbbells, a table and a mat so it’s a great home workout.

What I really liked about this DVD is that nice Bob came out to play. By “nice”, I don’t mean the workout was easy (because it’s wasn’t), but he was encouraging and cracked jokes instead of going into yelling, super-intense Bob, which happened during the other two Bob DVDs I’ve tried. I also liked that he only worked out with one other person (Sam), who was easy to follow and super fit-although she did grunt a lot…Not sure about that one.

Just me Bob and Sam…and those paint swatches that are never going to be covered up.

Another pro to this workout was that it felt very efficient. It was only thirty minutes, but afterward, I was dripping in sweat and felt like it had hit my entire body. So far, this is my favorite workout in the series and a great option for when you’re in time crunch.

Happy Friday!

Fact. (source)

**If you scrolled all the way down here-Sorry for the overly exclamatory statements. It’s Friday, I’m currently sitting in the middle of my living room floor  in my sweaty post Bob DVD workout clothes…and have I mentioned it’s Friday?


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