ESS: The Election Edition!

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November 6, 2012 by Danielle

Election Day is finally here!! With all of the campaign commercials I’ve seen in the last few days, I kind of feel like this girl-

In joking aside, if you haven’t voted yet, get out there and do it-it’s your civic duty! Google even has a nifty tool to help you find your polling place and follow along with all of the action today-click here to find out where you can vote.

We voted! Have you? (That’s my brother (Zack), sister (Taylor), my bestie Cristina and moi!)

On to fitness!

Last week was “one of those weeks” so I decided to follow Clare’s example and decided to get in a little yoga…at home. Since drop-in classes near my house are $18 per class, it’s not a habit I want to get into, so I decided to turn to the internet to see if I could get in a good session and turned up two resources I’d never used before.
First, I came across BeFit’s YouTube channel. BeFit is the YouTube channel for Lionsgate, which produces workout videos Denise Austin and, you guessed it…Jillian Michaels. I was thrilled to see that BeFit had the full length version of Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown available online since it’s one of the few Jillian DVDs I don’t own.

I tried out Level One since it was my first go round with Jillian (and she can go off the ranch sometimes), which was a great way to get in a bit of sweat and wasn’t too hard.

Next up, I wanted to get in a good stretch-especially for my pesky hips [insert link]-so I did a bit more Googling and found that has an entire library of free yoga videos for yogis of all levels.

I did the Gentle Flow sequence led by Kathryn Budig. The practice (am I yoga experienced enough to even call it that?) was relaxed and was just the thing my hips needed.


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