Plan It, Do It


November 6, 2012 by Danielle

**—As you know, the East Coast and my homestate of New Jersey are in great need after Hurricane Sandy. If you haven’t donated yet, please do! It will help someone get back on their feet. I’ve added a button to the right hand side bar that donates directly to the Red Cross–**

Good afternoon! Two posts in one day. Craziness.

As you read this morning, I’m on the hunt for new workouts and the deeper story is that this girl needs to get back on the workout schedule train. Since injuring myself, I’ve been haphazardly doing workouts, which sometimes depends on how my knee/hip are feeling. Regardless, I still could put a little more effort into planning and doing workouts with a little bit of intention. Well I’ve got a fix! If you remember, I created a Google Calendar for my San Francisco Marathon training and that was a great way to stay accountable.

So here’s my new workout calendar that I’ll be updating on a weekly basis-if it’s an online workout, I’ll post a link to the video so you can follow along too! Yes, I really named it “Unh…I workout!” Have to find motivation somewhere.

To stay true to my calendar, last night I did Sarah Dussault’s Thinner Thighs and Legs workout and let me tell you my butt BURNED. Check it out below!


2 thoughts on “Plan It, Do It

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