Wedding Weekend and Workouts


November 12, 2012 by Danielle

Excuse me if this post is just all over the place-I just returned from this gorgeous place

Gorgeous wedding venue

Over the weekend, I attended a friend’s wedding in Chattanooga, which was held in the beautiful Georgia/Tennessee mountains. Aside from love and happiness, I think the theme of the weekend was “papparazzi”. I got as close as I’ll ever get to being assaulted by photographers…

Seriously-get out of my face.

And then unleashed the the power of the sneak attack photo on other people-


Aside from guerilla photography, the weekend was filled with lots of fun and lots of love and fun.

My boyfriend likes to make everyone, including the groom, feel comfortable.

The groomsmen.

Congrats to the happy couple and thanks for a wonderful weekend!

Now on to the sweaty stuff.

What I love most about travelling is trying out hotel gyms (little weird, I know). This weekend, I had the opportunity to try out one of the workouts from the November issue of Oxygen Magazine. Of course the only picture I took was a super blurry picture of my boyfriend and I completing the squat jacks.

Oxygen is running a competition between three celebrity trainers called “Cardio Showdown“. Each trainer creates a cardio workout and readers are supposed to tweet which workout they like the most using #cardioshowdown. In an upcoming issue, Oxygen will reveal the winning workout!

To work up a good sweat before the wedding festivities, my boyfriend and I completed the two of the three Cardio Showdown workouts. We started off with the Treadmill Trek and followed it up with the Burn & Firm Circuit. Check out the video for the Burn & Firm Circuit below and if you try it out, tweet @OxygenMagazine using the hashtag #cardioshowdown.


One thought on “Wedding Weekend and Workouts

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