Three Simple Letters


December 4, 2012 by Danielle


No, I don’t mean Domain Name System (yes, I can get nerdy).

I mean “Did Not Start” and as you know, Sunday was my first. I was supposed to run the California International Marathon with my friend Liz-we had a sparkly plan to qualify for Boston on this flat course on a cool Bay Area day. Except both of us got injured and had to come to terms with those three little letters that can do so much to a person’s self esteem.

So how did I feel after my first DNS?

I felt alright. Mostly because the weather in Sacramento, much like San Francisco, was a disaster over the weekend and the race course looked like this-

Is this a tri or a marathon? Unclear (source)

Is this a tri or a marathon? Unclear (source)

Moreover, I knew the probability of not even starting this marathon was high and I saw it coming for a while. My physical therapist told me that even three miles were out of the question just a few weeks ago if my knees were still hurting (and they still do), so it wasn’t like I twisted my ankle the day before the race and had to suddenly drop out.

After a Saturday night session of reading pre-marathon tweets, a final check of the weather and a few moments of “I could have run a marathon yesterday” on Monday morning, I realized that this was the best decision. There will be other marathons-ones where I’m healthy and able to wreck some you know what out on the race course.

Despite my inability to run on Sunday, there were a few brave ladies in the blog world who decided to brave the storm and run 26.2 in less than ideal conditions. Check out their race recaps below!

  • Cate from Cate’s World Kitchen braved the wind and rain (and her little one came out to watch-so cute!)
  • Rebecca finished and took a pretty awesome pre-race picture that illustrated the floods quite well.

Did you run CIM? How was it?! If you covered your experience on your blog, share your post below!


One thought on “Three Simple Letters

  1. […] marathon, injuring myself from said marathon, attending endless physical therapy sessions and DNS’ing for the first time, I had no plan on how to get back on the workout train. Of course I didn’t just stop […]

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