My Date with the FitFormer


December 14, 2012 by Danielle

Good morning!

I have the day off since I’m going somewhere sinful (hint, hint) for a girl’s trip, so expect a post later!

But first, my first pilates experience!

During the World Series, Pilates Pro Works, which is in my hood, ran a three pack special. Fifty dollars for three pilates, TRX (which I love) or barre classes?! I’m in.

Since I’ve always wanted to try reformer classes, but the steep price for class packages held me back, I was pretty pumped to try the reformer. Unfortunately, I found that the intro class didn’t fit into my schedule so I signed up for a barre class for Thursday night.

Before I get into the specifics of class, I’ll give a quick overview of the studio. The Financial District Studio is subterranean, so I was expecting it to be a tad dark, but from the minute I walked in I was greeted by bright whites, beautiful wooden floors and smiling faces.

When I checked in for my barre class, I got quite the surprise when I found out that I had accidentally signed up for the Reformer Pilates class. Despite my newbie status, the class’ instructor Veronica, was more than happy to offer me a quick pre-class primer on these guys-


The reformers at Pilates ProWorks are scarier than they look(source)

I have to admit I was a little bit intimidated by these machines. They look a bit like ancient torture devices. The particular reformers that Pilates ProWorks use are called FitFormers, which were custom designed just for Pilates ProWorks.

On to the class!

Class consisted of lots of abs work, arm work and glute work, which this girl always needs . In between each set of moves, we picked up weights and did small cardio bursts like jumping jacks, high knees and jogging. I loved the class and will definitely be back for more reformer classes. I felt super graceful (I’m not) during class because there is an intense focus on keeping the abs engaged, shoulders down and back and legs elongated-easier said than done while doing strenuous abs work. I now understand why dancers have such great posture-I felt a few inches taller after I cam out of class.

I will definitely attend this class again and I might even consider buying a monthly package. We’ll see.

Have a great Friday!

Click here for more information on Pilates ProWorks.

I was not compensated for this review-I just really wanted to do Pilates! All opinions are my own.


2 thoughts on “My Date with the FitFormer

  1. Pilates is my LIFE!!! I am so sad that I have been wayyy too busy lately to do it!! 😦 Luckily I still have been working out, just don’t have a moment in the schedule to get to a class… 2013, bring it! ha ah

  2. […] Today, I finally got back in the proverbial saddle and did a Tabata workout during lunch and attended Barre Pro at Pilates Pro Works. […]

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