The January Plan


January 7, 2013 by Danielle


Biggest Loser 14 and the first-ever kid participants (source)

Yes, all of those caps are necessary and yes, this number one fan is excited. If you didn’t watch last night’s premiere, I would sum it up with these three words: Vomit, Tears and Sweat. A lot of it. And boy, was it amazing. I can’t wait for tonight’s episode and the rest of the season to unfold.

Moving on…

As I mentioned earlier, I was feeling a little burnt out about working out (and other things) at the end of 2012.  After PR’ing in the San Francisco marathon, injuring myself from said marathon, attending endless physical therapy sessions and DNS’ing for the first time, I had no plan on how to get back on the workout train. Of course I didn’t just stop sweating, I just didn’t have a plan or goal in mind.

Now that I’m back from break and I’ve had a hot second to think about things, I do what I do best and started to plan. During the month of January, I’m going to do the PV Body Challenge and Tone It Up “Love Your Body” Challenge.

“What are these?” you might ask. Well, that’s what I’m here for.

First off is the PV Challenge.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, PV Body is a monthly subscription service that delivers workout clothes from Lululemon, Nike and many other brands right to your door. For $49.95 a month. Can’t get much better than that, right? If you’re one of my close friends, I’ve probably already forced tried to get you to join. Anyway, the company recently launched #PV Challenge, a 31 day of nutrition and workout challenge. I started the challenge on Saturday and the workouts and recipes (hence the random pancake photo) I’ve completed so far are here, here and here.

PV Challenge Pancakes (highly recommended)

Next up, the Tone It Up monthly plan. As a tried and true TIU fan, I thought the “Love Your Body” calendar would be a perfect supplement to the PV Challenge, which doesn’t have scheduled workouts for each day. I also appreciate a good workout calendar, especially one that someone else compiles for me.

Click the image for the workout!

Click the image for the workout! (source)

Yesterday, Rosie and I set out for the Cardio Crush (which is actually today’s scheduled workout if you’re going by the calendar). It was a heart pumping and sweaty workout-Rosie slept well that afternoon.

So here’s my plan for the week:


So there you have it, my plan for this week and the grand plan for January. I’m documenting the #PVChallenge on Instagram so be sure to follow me (there’s also a nifty new button on the right hand panel)! I’ll keep you updated and let you know what I’m up to for February. I can already tell you that it’s going to be HOT.

Have a great evening everyone!


6 thoughts on “The January Plan

  1. missmarisol says:

    Good luck on your challenge. And I am hooked on the Biggest Loser.

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