Five Things Friday


January 11, 2013 by Danielle

Clare, inspired me to put together my very first “Five Things Friday” post. We all know how much I love alliteration.

Anyway, here you go! Also, check out my interview with Clare here.

Five Weekly Workouts

This week, I succeeded in sticking to my January Plan. Even though my life (yes, I do have one of those) got in the way of a few workouts, I managed to fit scheduled workouts in on other days.

Monday: PVChallenge Workout:The 99

Tuesday: PVChallenge Workout: Ab Challenge

I loved the ab challenge because it involved a little cardio too so it got my entire body working.

Wednesday: Tone It Up Love Your Total Body Workout, Secret Admirer Cardio and Malibooty.

As you might have read, I thought the Love Your Total Body Workout was going to be a breeze, but I really felt it in my shoulders and thighs.

Thursday: OFF!

This wasn’t in the plan, but after Wednesday’s workout-a-palooza and a jam-packed Thursday, I decided it’d be best if I moved my rest day to today.

Friday: PV Challenge Hard Workout

This workout was awesome! It moved quickly, worked my entire body and left me a sweaty mess…just how I like it!

Five Posts I Loved:

1. Tina’s irrational fears post. Because, I too, am still afraid of sleeping with my door open and fear seeing “Bloody Mary” in the mirror at night.

2. Christina’s Carrot Cake balls. I’m making them this weekend-they look delicious!

YUM! (source)

3. She didn’t post it herself, but Janae was featured in Women’s Running for her superhuman post-baby return to running. If ever I have children, I hope I get back to sweating that soon.

4. Ali’s thoughts on the present and where she thought she’d be today if you’d asked her ten years ago. This one definitely made me think…maybe I’ll have an answer for you next week. 😉

5. Sarah’s top three business tips. Favorite one-there’s always room at the top. Keep working towards those goals!

And I know it’s supposed to fit into the whole “five” theme thing, but here’s one funny video that I loved this week.


3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. Julia says:

    Did this Hard Workout Challenge today with my roommate! Loved it!

  2. […] If you want to try the workouts I did last week, check out this post. […]

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