Weekend Wanderings

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January 14, 2013 by Danielle

Happy Monday!It’s amazing how fast the weekend flies by (and how the work week seems to go on and on).

On Saturday, I got together with a bunch of friends and hiked “the dish” in Stanford. The path is named “the dish” because of the huge satellite that sits on top of the hill that the path winds around.

The dish (source)

Most of the people that took part in the walk were my boyfriend’s older brother’s friends so there were lots of little ones in tow (five to be exact!)-

The baby brigade!

The baby brigade!

After walking with the little ones for a bit, I broke off from the group to meet up with my friends Tom and Liz to go on a faster paced walk. The cold weather (at least by Bay Area standards) provided us with clear skies and beautiful views-

Liz and Tom on our power walk.

Liz and Tom on our power walk. Me learning to use the panorama feature on my new iPhone.

Despite the fact that it was cold, Tom heated us up with some speed intervals up the massive hills which helped us work up a sweat. Even though I expected a relaxing stroll with the wee ones, when we took up our pace, I ended up covering just over 6 miles and 1000 feet of elevation gain.


I was surprisingly tired from the walk and being out in the sun, so I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with the baby brigade and watching football.

Hope you had a great weekend!


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