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It’s that time again! Another edition of “Ask A Blogger”!

I’m super excited about this week’s blogger because I’ve actually met her and even went on a group run with her-so I can say from first hand experience that she’s awesome!

Aron after the San Francisco Marathon

Meet Aron Eichhorn, who has documented every mile she’s run and every training trial and triumph over the last four plus years on her blog, Runner’s Rambles. She’s a California native who’s a tax accountant by day and a running machine by night (and early morning!). She’s currently training for the American River 50-a 50 mile ULTRAmarathon, so it’s fitting that she would describe her blog as “confessions of a runaholic” if she had to so in five words or less.

So here’s more about Aron! P.S. Aron is dog-mom to Kylie and Emma who were the CUTEST puppies. Check out their story here.

Why did you start blogging? 

I started blogging actually when I started running!  I decided to sign up for a marathon because I was bored and needed a new challenge, so I committed to raising money for through Train to End Stroke.  I figured a blog was an easy way to keep my friends and family updated on my training – little did I know where it would end up.  It is pretty fun to look back on those very early days and to have every mile documented.

How do you keep coming up with new content that will keep your readers interested?

I just keep running!  My blog is often a personal diary of what I am going through while training for marathons, ultra-marathons, being in the off season, etc. so as long as I am running I have something to write about.

Aron rocking the Napa Marathon earlier in March and creating more great blog content

What has been the best part of being a blogger?  What has been the most surprising/unexpected part of being a blogger?

The best and most unexpected part of being a blogger is all the friends I have made!  When I started blogging I had no idea there was such thing as a blogging community.  I have met some of my very best friends through blogging and have received so much support throughout the years.

Any advice to those who want to start their own blog?

Just start writing and be yourself.  Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to say, but if you just start writing the words find their way.  There are so many blogs out there now, but I think what makes your blog different is by being yourself and being honest.  Don’t try to be something you aren’t.

Aside from blogging and breaking a sweat, what do you like to do in your free time?  

I like to spend time with my husband and our 2 dogs Kylie and Emma.  I love eating, shopping, and generally just being mellow hanging out with friends, being outside and enjoying life.

So there’s Aron in a nutshell! Her ultra is in just over a week, so send head on over to Runner’s Rambles and send her some good vibes!

I’ve also added a new “Ask a Blogger” button at the top of the main page, so you can catch up the entire series!


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